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Koizumi: Switch Supports Headsets in Docked Mode (Wired/BT), Hints at GC VC

French website Melty interviewed Yoshiaki Koizumi and Shinya Takahashi, and got a few details about the Switch

Firstly, the Switch can support headsets in docked mode. Both wired and wireless Bluetoot, we already knew it supported Bluetooth but it’s now confirmed that headsets can be used with the system itself. Second, the dock is the only way to connect the system to a TV, you can’t use a USB-C to HDMI adapter.

Finally, when asked about Gamecube games on the Virtual Console, Koizumi said they didn’t have anything to announce at the time but that they’re “working on some things along those lines.” He was asked about special Joy-Con controllers, an example being ones with analog triggers for Gamecube games, he said the system was designed to allow special version to be made. Shinya Takahashi also added that Joy-Cons with analog triggers might be bulky and not pleasing to look at, they would make sure to add them if they made special versions like that.

Thanks to Nintendo Everything for the synopsis.

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