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Rant: Dismissing or Refusing to Play “Non-Realistic” Styled Zelda Games

As I’m on Twitter a lot, I’ll see stuff like this even if I don’t actually go to the site it often happens on *cough*NeoGAF*cough*.

What am I talking about? People that, for some stupid reason, will dismiss or not even play Zelda games that aren’t in the “realistic” or “mature” Twilight Princess or Ocarina of Time art style (Hint: Neither of those games have realistic art styles either.) You’re probably thinking the same thing I am…What the hell? What possible reason could you have to not play a game based SOLELY on the art style?

Oh, is it too “kiddie” for you? Is that it?  And exactly how old are you? 12? Because you know, the type of “gamer” that puts so much stock into a game’s art style that it being too “colorful” makes them unwilling to play it at ALL…IS NOT A MATURE PERSON.

Another thing, you, being the person or people that say this stuff, say that you want the “darker, more mature” Zelda games. As if, somehow, the game’s entire story and setting are canceled out by its art style?

What the hell are you talking about?

You know that’s NOT how video games work right? Did you rage like an idiot when Wind Waker was revealed? Were you even alive when that happened? I’m gonna say no, because that’s not a game that’s all light-hearted, it gets dark at times. So does Skyward Sword. Breath of the Wild is set in a world that was ripped to shreds for crying’ out loud!

And, as if your ridiculous reasons aren’t bad enough, you also have the nerve to call yourself a “huge” Zelda fan? Really? You refuse to play amazing games in the series for no reason other than they’re too “colorful” but still call yourself a Zelda fan? That’s what you’re going with? Please.

Give me a break.

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  • Pinkie-Dawn

    This sounds like my former friend in a nutshell. He refuses to play Zelda game with gameplay from a bird’s eye view or a kiddy art style like Wind Waker. He loves OoT and MM and is interested in TP.