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Nintendo Switch Sleep Mode – Only 2% Battery Usage After 8 Hours

There’s some fake-concern about the Switch’s battery life while playing Breath of the Wild (Hint: We already knew it was around 2.5-3 hours or so, because Nintendo said it themselves.)

But one thing we hadn’t heard about until now, was how long the system would last while in sleep mode.

Battery life so far conforms to Nintendo’s stated specs—I can get about three hours of portable Zelda play on a full battery charge, depending on the screen brightness. The included AC adapter seems to fill about 1 percent of the battery per minute (give or take) when the system is in sleep mode (that mode is very power conscious, incidentally—after eight hours in “sleep,” a fully charged battery had only drained to 98 percent).

So, only 2% usage after 8 hours in sleep mode.

Before you say “Meh, no big deal” let me stop you. The 3DS’s battery life in sleep mode isn’t great at all.

This is a pretty huge leap from that, and is quite good.

One more thing: The next time I see someone call the Switch’s battery shit, I’m gonna lose it. Seriously. I’ll like…go on a Twitter rant or something! The battery used in the Switch is literally the biggest one Nintendo could fit in the system. It’s not like the Wii U Gamepad where there was a lot of extra space. It’s crammed in there really tight, so no, it is not in fact a “shit” battery. It’s a damn good one. They didn’t cheap out on it, so don’t try that nonsense.

OK, that’s all.

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