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Caveat Emptor: Bethesda is planning for The Elder Scrolls to fail on the Nintendo Switch

We’re all aware of Skyrim-Now-Nebulously-Special-Edition’s announcement for the Nintendo Switch.  Maybe you played the fifth entry in the Elder Scrolls series on other systems, and want to see what they improved. It’s easy to guess: Nothing. Skyrim exists on the Switch because it’s easy and cheap to port. If there was anything about the Switch version that made it a worthwhile purchase for Nintendo gamers and/or for Beth’s own audience, then they would be eager to talk about it. As things are, Bethesda PR is waffling over whether to say that Skyrim on Nintendo Switch will even be the Special Edition, better, or worse.

Bethesda Softworks’ previously made an attempt (and I use that term loosely) at a Wii title, and when that attempt turned out to be a complete failure, Bethesda tried to save face by blaming Nintendo, Nintendo’s audience, and Wii-specs, and trumpeting that to an audience that was already prejudiced against Nintendo consoles.  What Bethesda should have done was acknowledge that they got caught trying to peddle low-quality software.  Having played the glitch-riddled mess that was Skyrim version 1.1, I’m not particularly excited to pay for Bethesda’s products until they can prove that they can develop a more compelling game for Nintendo’s game-specialized hardware.

As a Nintendo gamer, you are a discerning customer. This has often led third parties to erroneously conclude that you don’t want their best efforts on Nintendo systems, when you simply won’t buy their worst efforts, on any system. You generally don’t want bad games taking up space in your collection, unless you’re one of those rare people that wants to collect every game on the systems they buy. This all but guarantees that Skyrim for Switch is going to sell badly, based on a lack of info and lack of swagger from its own dev/pub, and Bethesda is quietly playing along. This is not the first time Bethesda has pulled this tactic; they used the lazily developed “SpeedZone” as their excuse to pull support from the Wii. This is despite the Wii having proven more than capable of handling epic RPGs developed exclusively for it, that dwarfed the “The Elder Scrolls” titles in story, game-play mechanics, and overall sense of wonder.

If Bethesda really wanted to impress the gaming audience, they would develop and announce something like The Elder Scrolls 6 exclusively for Nintendo Switch.  They would tell their audience in no uncertain terms, “Go out and buy the Nintendo Switch because it’s going to get all our new and best games”.  They would be taking efforts right now to build on the Bethesda audience and build a good reputation with Nintendo gamers.

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    Nice read. A shame its wasted effort on even acknowledging a turd party.