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Breath of the Wild Review Roundup

The reviews are out for Breath of the Wild, and boy Nintendo must have spent a lot of money paying for all these perfect scores! /s

Some surprises too, like Polygon. But here’s all the reviews I could find listed on other sites because I’m lazy:

Dual Shockers – 10/10

Eurogamer – “Essential”

EDGE – 10/10

Famitsu 40/40

Gamespot – 10/10

Gameinformer – 10/10 – 9/10

GameXplain – “Liked-a-lot”

Giant Bomb – 5/5

IGN – 10/10

Nintendo Everything  – “Thumbs Up”

Nintendo Insider – 10/10

Nintendo Life – 10/10

Polygon – 10/10

USGamer – 5/5

Venturebeat – 100/100 – 9/10

I’m sure I’ve missed some (shocking) so leave a comment with any you find so I can add them to the list.

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