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Doomed Since 1889: Future Plans For This Year and Beyond

This site’s been around for four years now, and I’ve got some plans for this year and beyond.

As you know we just did a giveaway a couple weeks ago, and I’d like to make that a regular thing. It could range from $5 eShop codes to games, and now with Nintendo going with a paid online service, 12-month subscription codes. I’m sure that will be a thing since they have them for everything else pretty much. Whether these giveaways would be done through the forum like our current one, or maybe through Amazon Giveways or something similar really depends on what the prizes are. We’ll see, I’m gonna put a thread up on the forum asking for ideas for future giveaways.

Something else I’m still very interested in getting, is a few people that can help post news. I’ve tried this before, but in trying to think of ways to attract more people I could only come up with one thing. I have a plugin for WordPress that can insert ad code based on the author on the post. So, what I’m thinking is since I can’t pay anyone myself (I don’t make any money off this site right now, shocking isn’t it?) maybe I could have them put their own ad code in for their posts. Part of the reason the site doesn’t get much traffic is I’m so ridiculously lazy with actually posting news as it happens. The few times it’s gotten 100+ hits have been when I’ve actually managed to post timely updates. It’d be really nice if we could have someone that speaks Japanese/other languages to translate or post details about interviews/articles in Famitsu and other magazines/sites. Usually I have to find stuff like that on other sites and re-write a lot of what they wrote. That would probably be a long-term goal though, I doubt anyone would bother with a site that gets so little traffic right now.

Beyond just news I’d like to get a couple more people to write articles, like the article written by UntemperedLink about the Switch’s lineup. Or my articles about the Switch having nice technology in it and the Pro Controller not being overpriced compared to what the other system’s controllers cost. I want to really push back against click-bait negativity seen on other sites. Which is part of the reason this site was started to begin with.

We could also use some hands-on impressions from events, and maybe even E3 (I wouldn’t be able to go myself, even with it being open to the public now.)

Even though it’d be nice to score our own interviews with developers, I doubt it would ever happen simply due to the nature of this site. But, what we could do is make a section either transcribing old print interviews or finding and linking to any Nintendo-related interviews we can find that are already online. Though if we ever did get a dev to do an interview, we’d need someone who’s not a complete idiot to actually come up with the questions and communicate with them. So, not me, basically.

I’d also like to start having reviews on the site, way back in 2014 I actually did a (really lame lol) review of Mario Kart 8. It’s not even on the site anyone, but that was the first and only review I’ve ever written. I doubt this site will ever get to the point where I’m getting review copies, and I don’t think I could deal with the legal stuff for that anyway. I’m thinking it would be user written reviews, I can easily make anyone who created an account on here a contributor. Which basically just means you could write something and submit it for review (unlike Authors who can just do it themselves.) So anyone who wanted to could write up a review and get it on the site. Because I’ll tell you, just about anyone could write a better review than me lol (except Jim Sterling.)

There’s one other big thing that would help massively though.

The site’s overall look and design REALLY needs a major overhaul.

This is where I might need to spend some (more) money, there are a lot of free themes for WordPress but I’m having a lot of trouble finding one that’s well-suited for a site like this. So I’ve been looking into paid WordPress themes. Most of them are $75, so the problems becomes being 100% sure anything I buy would work well for the site. Another problem is I’m not much of a web or graphic designer (obviously), so I not even sure what kind of design I’d want. The current design is basically just taken from the Switch branding, but it definitely needs some work. I can’t afford to pay to have it all designed professionally, but I could use some tips and ideas.

I’ve been told that the site doesn’t look good on mobile devices right now, so that’s another reason I need to completely re-design it. Since apparently Google doesn’t like it if your site isn’t mobile friendly.

I also want to get way more content on the Youtube channel, and do live streams on Twitch again at some point. I have to get better internet before I can do that though, but that might be happening in the next couple of weeks. But I don’t want to be the only one streaming on Twitch, I’d like to get other people streaming on the channel there too. Preferably people who are better at playing the games than me, and can actually do commentary (you don’t want me to do it, trust me.)

Having our own podcast would be cool too, but uh I doubt I’d be involved much other than listening to it lol. Perhaps having our users do their own podcasts and hosting them here or something like that could work.

Something that would be far FAR in the future, is the site moving away from WordPress and being completely rebuilt from the ground up. It would involve complete integration with the forum (which runs on Xenforo software.) You would be able to add games and systems you owned and have them be shown on your user profile page. Now this is nothing new for video game websites, but I don’t know what plugins could actually be used to do it with WordPress. There are custom user profile plugins but I don’t know enough about them. There is also a plugin to integrate Xenforo and WordPress but I can’t afford it right now.

This would all be far in the future anyway, and the site would need to get a much larger amount of traffic before it’s really worth doing. But for now getting to the point where the site is getting a couple hundred hits a day would be a big deal, I think it can be done though. It would just take having consistent news updates, and content on the site that people want to see.

Also, another reason I’d like some people to help with news is I’ve not posted anything in nearly two weeks.

Damn you Zelda for being so good and taking all my time!

Anyway, I had this post pretty much written since before the Switch/Zelda even came out. I finally bothered to finish it and post it today, hopefully I get a couple more people interested in being a part of the site. If you are, you can either leave a comment on this post or send me a PM on the forum.

Other than that, suggestions about the site’s design are welcome too.

Just leave a comment.


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