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Dear Idiots: JonTron’s Removal From Yooka-Laylee DOES NOT VIOLATE HIS FREE SPEECH OR THE 1ST AMENDMENT!

How is it every time some racist idiot is outed for being a racist idiot you always get morons crying about “FREE SPEECH! THE FIRST AMENDMENT!” as if they actually know a god damn thing about it?

Last time I checked: Playtonic is not the US government, nor a US state government, they are a developer based in the UK.

So, with all those simple facts, how does this kind of nonsense ALWAYS happen?

I saw that on Twitter and my first thought was the same as his: I’d LOVED to see THAT play out.
Yes, go ahead and try to sue a private company based in a different country for “violating” your free speech.

Try it.

See what happens.

I bet you’ll be disappointed with the results.

But we’d all have a good time watching you get destroyed.

I’m sure JonTron isn’t QUITE dumb enough to actually do this (he would have no case against them, at all), but the idiots that always spew this crap are too stupid and too ignorant to see what the 1st Amendment actually protects them from.

So, they’ll just keep repeating it.
Every time.

Till the end of time.


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