Nintendo Switch

GameStop: Switch Provided “Dramatic Lift” In In-Store Traffic, Has Wii-Like Potential For Wider Audience

Here is yet another extremely positive comment from GameStop, this time from CEO Paul Raines

“Purchase intent for Switch and Scorpio is at PS4 levels or higher. Just a note on the Switch launch: We have had a very successful launch so far, with high attach rates of software, particularly Zelda and related addons. The Switch has provided a dramatic lift in traffic in-store, and has real potential to be Wii-like in its potential to expand the gaming category from core to broad audiences.”

Switch continues to see very high demand, and with a decently steady supply of games coming throughout the year (plus E3 announcements) it should hopefully maintain it all year long.
Assuming that happens, I wonder if third parties that say they’re waiting on sales numbers will start supporting the system?
I guess we’ll find out as the year goes on.

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