“Alternative Facts” Continue To Spread From Hate-Driven Fanbases

Despite two whole decades of having claims debunked ranging from harmless to ridiculous, certain “gamer” fan-bases seem to prefer to fabricate even more such claims in their free time, rather than play any actual video games. Even after titles and franchises that simulate and fantasize crimes, target those fan-bases and release to much hullabaloo, they’re quickly forgotten in favour of committing actual crimes out of hatred towards Nintendo. In the past, these crimes have included sabotaging Nintendo display cases in stores in broad daylight, sending images of mutilated animals and children to Nintendo representatives, and one (so far) attempted bombing of Nintendo HQ in Japan. Apparently, the artificial vilification of Nintendo is more appealing to these so-called “gamers” than any video game, no matter how big in name, could ever hope to be. It doesn’t take much searching to find the latest such campaign:

Anyone who’s had any more than a mild interest in video games would be able to tell that that’s not a Nintendo Switch. Only those who desperately need themselves to hate Nintendo products will be convinced that this mockup is real. Although a weak attempt, those fanbases realize that any flimsy lie could be brute-force beaten into a viral meme until the public take it at face value. Previous examples of this would be claims about Nintendo’s activities on Youtube, or their localization policies. Fanbases like that are willing to fling everything at the social media wall until something sticks.  Caveat Ludio.

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