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Crazy Wild-Guess Prediction Time: The Fifth Super Smash Bros. will be titled “Super Smash Bros. VS.”

The fourth Super Smash Bros. was called “Super Smash Bros. For”, with that title followed by the name of the console that it landed on. If (or more appropriately, when) the sequel gets made and the fighting formula upgraded for the Nintendo Switch, it might seem too predictable that they’d call it “Super Smash Bros. For Switch”. Instead, they may do a play on a title like, “Five Switch,” stylizing it as “VS”, and feature additional fighting-game modes designed by Capcom, Namco, and SEGA’s fighting game teams:

  • A mode by Capcom, featuring smoothly animated hand-drawn sprites reminiscent of Street Fighter 3 or the Alpha-series (a.k.a. Street Fighter Zero in Japan).
  • A Tekken-like mode headed by Katsuhiro Harada featuring Tag-combos and stage-breaks.
  • A Guilty Gear-like mode by SEGA with air-dashes and long, memorized combos.
  • Perhaps even a Kid Icarus Uprising-like mode by Sakurai and his team featuring weapons, and equipment, provided the core Smash game only needs balance tweaks and a roster update so he can sink the time into developing such a KI:U-like mode.

Super Smash Bros. has generated so much revenue, not only for Nintendo but its partners, that it wouldn’t be surprising that they’d want to put more effort into developing this into a more fleshed out fighting franchise, covering as much of the genre as they possibly can. It solves the problem of people asking about “When’s Capcom vs. Smash Bros happening?” “When’s Tekken vs. Smash Bros. happening?” While also mitigating the risk that such a game wouldn’t make its investment back, since whether it’s packaged in or sold separately as DLC, the money made will easily cover the costs of development and maintenance.

It’s Super Smash Bros that features other fighting franchises, and a great way to differentiate the fifth game from the fourth, without alienating the people who are used to the familiar Smash Bros fighting formula.

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