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It’s Been Two Years Since Satoru Iwata Passed Away…

We lost Satoru Iwata to bile duct cancer two years ago today, and we still miss him dearly. I’m sure he would have been so happy to see the Switch succeed like it has. Iwata was a brilliant programmer, a great leader for Nintendo, and deserves all the respect we can give him for everything he accomplished in his life.

Please don’t bring up a certain website owner’s behavior…I want to remember Iwata and what he did for the industry, not give undeserved attention to some pathetic egomaniac asshole.

He’s been playing video games his entire life, and has gotten progressively worse at them as he’s gotten older and more decrepit. He’s been running this place (into the ground) since 2013. He’s old. Keeps writing about Nintendo despite mountains of evidence proving he should never write anything. Very old. Lifelong Nintendo fan, doesn’t care what you think about that. Did I mention how old he is? Because he’s very old.

  • Sagadego15

    thanks to him. i was able enjoy lots of great games for the wii, wii u and ds/ 3ds. and now the nintendo switch.