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Unprecedented 2: Bethesda-Switch Boogaloo

If I can be thankful to Bethesda for one thing lately, it’s that they can get me to start writing articles (ICYMI: here, and here). The recent Wolf2 and DOOM announcements for Switch have gotten the internet buzzing for a short while, but that buzzing soon turned to harsh criticism when it turned out that DOOM wasn’t optimised, was outsourced, contains no Switch-specific bonuses aside from Switch’s own features that third parties don’t even need to make any effort to take advantage of (ie: portability), and was shown to only run at 30 frames per second.

Bethesda has not shown off a new, exclusive game, written to the metal for the Switch. Instead, they talk about fostering a relationship with Nintendo and Nintendo gamers while delivering ports that their existing audience have already either played to death, bought-, or preordered on other systems. Bethesda ought to know that their pattern of behavior follows in the footsteps of a certain other third party, one that was named as- and widely recognized to be the “worst company in the world” despite one of the largest oil spills in history occurring during that time.

Big-name Gaming News Outlets are expressing excitement over Wolfenstein 2 and DOOM on the Switch for the easy clicks and views. That excitement will slingshot back into a palpable indifference by the time the reviews go up. Such reviews are likely to contain such commonly used passages as:
“Dearth of [shooting/mature-rated] games on Nintendo systems”
“Throwing the Nintendo audience a bone”
“Good, for a port”
“Buy any other version”
…and likely some backhanded comments about Switch’s portability, amiibo, power, and motion controls, that continue to reinforce the misconceptions about Nintendo that place third parties on an ever-higher pedestal.

It’ll be interesting to see whether Bethesda Softworks follow up on their statements.

If I’m wrong, and DOOM and Wolf2 on the Switch actually turn out great, and the majority of Big Gaming News Outlets’ reviews actually advocate for the Switch version, even if you own some other version, then not only will I happily buy those games, I’ll also buy those games for up to 3 people in the comments section of this article.

(I can already imagine some editing will be needed to clarify things over time, as is wont to happen with giveaways…

  • If DOOM fulfills the criteria and Wolf2 doesn’t (or vice versa), then I’ll buy only the copies (mine and the up-to-3-others) of the title that fulfilled the criteria. That much should be pretty obvious.
  • Also the standard favouritism clause ie: friends and family are excluded from winning their copies via this giveaway.
  • This is not a raffle.  Random selection will not play a factor in determining winners.


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  • Sami Al-Qaisi

    Yeah, I guess it’s really a wait and see kind of thing. Regardless, the idea of playing these kind of games on a handheld is pretty awesome.

    • Q Mulative

      I can’t deny that. Still, from a skeptical perspective, even DOOM RPG was more of an effort, by virtue of being a distinctive DOOM built specifically for cellphones, and not a down-conversion of an existing DOOM game.

  • Centers

    The early impressions have been received really well so I’m hoping I’ll win a copy (:

    • Q Mulative

      We’ll have to see how the official reviews handle it. I’m expecting to see a lot of the quips and dismissals I wrote up there.