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Bayonetta 3: The Salt Mountain Grows Ever Bigger

Here we go again.

The never ending salt over Bayonetta 2’s Wii U exclusivity is now going to be about Bayonetta 3’s Switch exclusivity.

The same people.

The same tired arguments.

The same pathetic feeling of entitlement to “all” games being on THEIR system and nothing else.

I’m just wondering, do these people even play video games at all?

They couldn’t grasp the concept of Bayonetta 2 only existing because:

  1. Nintendo saved it.
  2. Sony and Microsoft DIDN’T put the money up to save it themselves.
  3. Neither did any other publisher, Sega included.

And today they STILL don’t get it.


Your childish console warrior bullshit will never in a million years change THAT fact.

So every time you bitched and moaned about Bayonetta 2 never being on PS4, or XBox, or PC or whatever.

And now every time you do the same with Bayonetta 3.

You only make YOURSELF look like a fool.

Bayonetta 2 is Nintendo exclusive.

Bayonetta 3 is Nintendo exclusive.

The first game didn’t sell well enough for Sega to continue funding the series.

You never gave a damn about it to begin with, it was ALWAYS about NINTENDO DARING to get a formerly multiplatform (Oh, and the PS3 version was a mess BTW) series exclusively on their system.

People were making DEATH THREATS over Bayonetta 2.

People are justifying port begging over this game.

People are making baseless claims about it being “bad” for the consumer, when in this case the alternative is no games at all.

If you want to argue that exclusivity is bad for the consumer, find a better example.

Like EA ruining Star Wars.

Not Nintendo saving a dead series that no one else wanted.

Get over it.

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  • Pinkie-Dawn

    There’s also PC gamers who are also anti-exclusivity because they think console-exclusive games are “anti-consumer.”