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Masked Failure: The Problem with Monster Hunter World

Capcom has recently announced that 5 million copies of Monster Hunter World have shipped, including digital.

“Including digital,” Capcom?  You want gamers to believe that you uploading your game to a digital storefront counts as “digital shipping”? To me, this reads “Sony preordered 4.99 million digital copies of MHW, so we can publicly pretend it wasn’t a total failure like all of our other recent multiplats”.

Is this going to be how the game industry competes from here on out? Console makers have to preorder millions and millions of copies to keep their third parties around? Sales numbers and shipping numbers meaning nothing to anyone in the public with the slightest sense of skepticism? Or is it Capcom that only cares about numbers, moving anyone who actually buys, enjoys, or even criticizes their games, outside of Capcom’s purview?

Why does Capcom need to build artificial success on MHW when they have genuine successes on Monster Hunter XX and Ultra Street Fighter 2 on the Switch?

Monster Hunter World is the latest in a line of action games previously targeted at core gamers. World features a locked-at-30 frame rate, simplified mechanics for a more casual player-base, but also includes some predatory DLC-packs for the gullible audience that MHW is squarely targeted towards. Whereas previous games would let you dress up as characters from Zelda, Fire Emblem, Mega Man, Devil May Cry, and those costumes including in-game abilities reminiscent of those games, all for free (or by getting the components from in-game activities). MHWorld instead, offers some Street Fighter costumes in multiple packs which you have to buy with cash. These costumes are purely for looks, and include nothing that immerse them into the Monster Hunter environment. It’s almost as good as having your game Romhacked by a fan-artist, except that even that would be free.

If you want to try a Monster Hunter game, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for the Wii U is the pinnacle of the series as of this post. MH3U allows you to play in 1080p60 full HD, with surround sound, and allows you to use items, equipment, and other shortcuts quickly via a touch-screen without hindering your movement or UI on the TV. In addition, the 3rd generation of Monster Hunter games introduced a full set of hunting moves, animations, abilities, and monster behaviours for use underwater. For this generation only, Monsters were denied the ability to hide in the water and thus artificially prolong a hunt.

Monster Hunter XX for Nintendo Switch, while being an import-only for now, includes more monsters, including brand new ones, and some that haven’t been seen since the first game. Cats are playable and have a separate set of perks and drawbacks. The advent of Hunter Arts and Styles to further customize and personalise your play style, along with crossover costumes from Capcom and Nintendo franchises, allows you to see what it would be like to use Samus’ arm cannon or Link’s Master Sword in combat.

The online play on MH3U and MHXXNS is free, no subscription, and actually stays online for whenever you want to play.

MHWorld, a title that is an obvious downgrade, is getting rave reviews from its spite-buying audience. Madly pushing the comparisons to Dark Souls, they want to shill this game (or at least to shill the idea that this game is successful) to anyone that’ll believe that the sony-audience will (or should) buy a Monster Hunter faster than they’ll buy a Final Fantasy or a persona.

Sony and their fans have a long track record of spreading false-info and taking obvious lies as truth. They tried to edit Sony’s Wikipedia entries to erase anything that made them look bad, to the point where they were ultimately banned. They tried to pass off Sony’s rampant take-downs of YouTube channels covering Street Fighter as being Nintendo’s fault and relating to Nintendo games, and they respond to Sony’s use of child slaves to save the PlayStation brand with knee-jerk whataboutism. It comes as no surprise that a false report of a 5 million “digital included” shipment would be propagated to paint the failed MHW as a success.

Been video-gaming for 30+years, and programming since the green-screened Apple //e . Advancements in game R&D make every day a new world of learning for me.

  • Pinkie-Dawn

    There’s a limited quantity of digital copies now? I thought they’re endless so long as it’s kept available?