Back in 2013 a group of (crazy) Nintendo fans started this site intending for it to be a counter to all the nonsense on major gaming sites and forums. Things like clickbait nonsense claiming Nintendo was “clinging to life” and garbage articles blatantly lying about being confused about the Wii U.  It’s gone through a few changes over the years, but that original intent is still the primary goal for the site.

You will probably never see us (especially me, snesfreak) claim to be professional journalists or writers. Far from it. We’re simply Nintendo fans who were tired of seeing the same “Nintendoom” articles year after year, going back decades to before the internet was widespread.  Any long time Nintendo fan will understand the name of this site: Doomed Since 1889.

Because year after year, it’s always the same thing no matter if Nintendo is raking in cash with a massive success or raking in cash while trying to support a struggling console.

“They’re doomed, they’re on the brink, will they last another generation?”

We simply had enough of the nonsense.

Now a few years later I’m finally trying to really do something with this site.

We have a forum, a Youtube channel and a Twitch channel. Though I haven’t been doing much with them lately. The forum though, I’d like to get going into at least a small community. I don’t expect it to become ResetEra or anything, but it’d be nice if my Xenforo license wasn’t being wasted (it was expensive dammit! lol.)

As for the site itself, I’ve been trying for years to find a niche in terms of content. For a while I just did crazy rants about whatever ridiculous thing was going on at the time, but I kinda pulled back on that after Iwata passed away. I’ve been thinking now I should try to write actual articles on different things. Games I want to see, legitimate issues with the industry (and sometimes Nintendo itself) etc.

I know I’ll never be able to keep up with daily news updates, but maybe I can handle major stories and announcements.

I hope the site can actually have a future.