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Breath of the Wild DLC Now Part of Our Giveaway

So, as you know Nintendo just announced an “Expansion Pass” for Breath of the Wild. As such, I’ve decided to include this with the giveaway.

What will happen is, the winner of the copy of Breath of the Wild will also get a code for the Expansion Pass.

But that’s not all, a second copy of the DLC will be given away as well.

This is still being done on March 3rd, I’ve also updated the thread with more details.

It’s just over two weeks until the game releases, I’ll try to figure out the exact timing for when I’ll pick the winners and how it’ll be announced over the next couple weeks.

I think starting this Friday I’m going to schedule daily Tweets to help promote it, and before the 3rd I’ll send a PM to everyone on the forum to remind them to come back.

Super Mario Maker/Breath of the Wild Giveaway: March 3rd

So, the goal of getting 100 members on the forum isn’t really getting anywhere. Because of that, I’ve decided to do the giveaway on March 3rd no matter how many users there are.  It’ll still be done for forum users only, but since it is going so slowly it seems like it would be well after the launch of Zelda before we’d hit the goal. As it would be hard to avoid spoilers and whatnot I think doing it like this would be for the best.

Maybe it would actually attract more users if people knew there was a set date for the giveaway as well.

For those that don’t know, we’re doing a giveaway on our forum. There are two prizes: An eShop code (US) for Super Mario Maker on Wii U, and a copy of Breath of the Wild for either Switch or Wii U. Mario Maker has to be an eShop code, because it’s the code that came with the system. For Zelda, an eShop code would be a lot easier to do. But, if the winner really wanted I could send them an Amazon giftcode for the amount of the game’s price (standard only, I don’t think there’d be any special editions left anyway.) Then they could buy the game themselves (at least I’d hope they’d use it for that lol.)

I’d prefer to do it like that, since we wouldn’t have to deal with giving out any personal information. I’m not going to use any sites for running this, I’ll just pick two winners randomly from forum members who have been active at the time. The same user won’t be able to win both games.
I really want this giveaway to be successful, and I’d definitely do more in the future for both big games and smaller ones.
If you have any thoughts or ideas about all this, let me know below or in the new thread over on the forum.

Also here’s a crappy video about it!