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ARMS Nintendo Direct Announced for May 17th

Nintendo has announced that there will be a Nintendo Direct focusing on the upcoming Switch game, ARMS. Additionally, a brand new trailer for Splatoon 2 will be shown. The Direct goes live at 3pm PT/6pm ET in the US, 11pm in the UK and 12am in Europe.


What do you think will be shown in the Direct?

ARMS is set for a release date of June 16th 2017, whilst Splatoon 2 is due out July 21st, 2017.

Nintendo Direct Announced For April 12th

Nintendo just announced a Nintendo Direct for this Wednesday at 6PM ET/3PM PT in the US,  11PM in the UK and 12AM Thursday in Europe.

It will be focused mainly on ARMS and Splatoon 2, but there will be some 3DS  news and possibly a couple other surprises.

Fire Emblem Warriors Trailer; FE Direct Coming Next Week

Here’s the trailer (more of teaser really) for Fire Emblem Warriors.

Also during yesterday’s Treehouse Live Nintendo announced a Fire Emblem Direct for January 18th.

Times are below:

  • 2 PM PT
  • 5 PM ET
  • 10 PM UK
  • 11 PM Europe

They’ll probably show more of FE Warriors, plus the mobile game.

Maybe another game announcement, I dunno.

Two More Splatoon Updates Coming + 2.6.0 Patch Notes

Patch notes for 2.6.0
Stage Adjustments:

  • Object placement in Regular Battle for the following stages will be changed to match that in Splat Zones.
    • Arowana Mall
    • Moray Towers

Matchmaking and Team Assignment Adjustments:

  • Until now, team assignments in Ranked Battle were completely random, but some consideration will now be given to equipped weapons when assigning teams.
  • Ranked Battle Matchmaking will be changed so that players of the following ranks are not matched together.
    • S+ and S
    • S and A+
    • A- and B+
    • B- and C+
    • This change may be subject to further adjustment depending on changes to matchmaking times that occur as a result.

Changes to Rank Points:

  • During Ranked Battles, when a team plays at a disadvantage due to unavoidable issues such as teammates being disconnected, and then loses, the winning team’s points will be decreased by an amount proportional to the time they benefited from the above conditions.

Gear Ability Adjustments:

  • Adjustments have been made to the efficacy of certain Gear Abilities.
    • More Info

Splatfest Changes:

  • During Splatfests what was previously the Vibe Meter will now display your Splatfest Power.
    • Initial Splatfest Power level depends upon your current Ranked Battle rank.
    • Splatfest Power level will change depending on wins or losses during Splatfest Battles.
    • The player with the highest Splatfest Power on the winning team will receive a slightly larger boost to their Splatfest Power than their teammates after the match.
  • Until now, Splatfest matchmaking favored grouping players with similar play styles. Players will now be more likely to play with those of similar Splatfest Power level.
  • The higher a team’s average Splatfest Power level, the more Splatfest Points they will earn after winning.

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE coming to North America on June 24th

Bravely Second Demo Available March 10th in North America