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ARMS Nintendo Direct Announced for May 17th

Nintendo has announced that there will be a Nintendo Direct focusing on the upcoming Switch game, ARMS. Additionally, a brand new trailer for Splatoon 2 will be shown. The Direct goes live at 3pm PT/6pm ET in the US, 11pm in the UK and 12am in Europe.


What do you think will be shown in the Direct?

ARMS is set for a release date of June 16th 2017, whilst Splatoon 2 is due out July 21st, 2017.

Follow Up: How Bethesda can impress 9th-Gen gamers

In my previous Bethesda article (here, ICYMI), I pointed out that the studio known for the “Elder Scrolls” franchise was gearing up to preemptively write off yet another successful Nintendo home console by offering a minimal-effort product. Now it seems Bethesda’s taken a step back, and might be considering that the Nintendo audience that they had so brazenly taken for suckers is actually keeping critical eyes on Bethesda’s activities, rather than hungrily panting at Bethesda’s legs and primed to gobble up whatever scraps happen to drop.

Here’s how Bethesda can actually make a good impression on the gaming consumer-base for once:

First of all, announce and show off a brand new exclusive game for the Switch. Considering that Bethesda seems to be all about those forgotten id-Software franchises lately, Heretic would be a great such franchise to rebuild. They could take the opportunity to modernize the mechanics and differentiate it from DOOM and Quake while still maintaining the run-and-gun FPS aspects, the mediaeval magical-fantasy setting, and the multiplayer online appeal. They can focus on unique Switch features such as local network play, an online network that doesn’t go down, and the versatility of the Joy-Con controllers. A Bethesda Heretic title can also attract the eSports crowd currently battling it out in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Puyo Puyo Tetris, and anticipating Pocket Rumble and Splatoon 2. Bethesda can claim their turf in the FPS territory.

Secondly, Bethesda ought to throw their hat over the fence in announcing that that all of their regular franchises will not only be headed to the Nintendo Switch, but will be kept up to date as far as bug-squashing and DLC distribution are concerned. With support for high-level frameworks such as Unreal Engine 4 and with OpenGL now capable of handling all DirectX functions as a subset of its own, Bethesda has literally no excuse to hold back on Nintendo Switch support for all their new titles.

The ball’s in your court, Bethesda Softworks LLC.

“Alternative Facts” Continue To Spread From Hate-Driven Fanbases

Despite two whole decades of having claims debunked ranging from harmless to ridiculous, certain “gamer” fan-bases seem to prefer to fabricate even more such claims in their free time, rather than play any actual video games. Even after titles and franchises that simulate and fantasize crimes, target those fan-bases and release to much hullabaloo, they’re quickly forgotten in favour of committing actual crimes out of hatred towards Nintendo. In the past, these crimes have included sabotaging Nintendo display cases in stores in broad daylight, sending images of mutilated animals and children to Nintendo representatives, and one (so far) attempted bombing of Nintendo HQ in Japan. Apparently, the artificial vilification of Nintendo is more appealing to these so-called “gamers” than any video game, no matter how big in name, could ever hope to be. It doesn’t take much searching to find the latest such campaign:

Anyone who’s had any more than a mild interest in video games would be able to tell that that’s not a Nintendo Switch. Only those who desperately need themselves to hate Nintendo products will be convinced that this mockup is real. Although a weak attempt, those fanbases realize that any flimsy lie could be brute-force beaten into a viral meme until the public take it at face value. Previous examples of this would be claims about Nintendo’s activities on Youtube, or their localization policies. Fanbases like that are willing to fling everything at the social media wall until something sticks.  Caveat Ludio.

“Vroom in the Night Sky” Confirmed For Worldwide Switch eShop Release March 3rd

Last week as part of the announcement of the full lineup of eShop titles in Japan, a game called Soratobu Bunbun Baan was announced. Now we have more details as well as confirmation of a worldwide release on Friday, the official western title was confirmed on Famitsu as “Vroom in the Night Sky”. It’s being made by Kersploosh! developer Poisoft, it’s about “magical girls racing with bikes instead of brooms.” Their objective being to “gather star shards.”

It will also utilize the Switch’s HD rumble to simulate engine vibration, wind pressure, and impact.

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First Breath of the Wild Review From EDGE

The first review and score for Breath of the Wild is now out, in EDGE #304.

They gave the game…wait for it…

a perfect 10!


Perfect scores for The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild may result in extremely high levels of saltiness from crybabies that can’t accept Nintendo still makes and has always made amazing games.

I’ll give a short summery without any spoilery details

  • They say you’ll roam around get distracted by dozens of things to do, that it’s “an absolute, and unremitting pleasure to get lost in.”
  • They say the game is very dense.
  • They said the frame rate is a little uneven on the Wii U version, but only dropping a lot during things like heavy weather effects.
  • “19 years on Ocarina is held up as the high water mark of gamings best loved and greatest series. Now it may have to settle for second place.”


It’s less than a week away (unless you’re one of those punk Youtube kids who got the game early, HMK! *shakes fist*), and I’m going crazy waiting for it.

Snipperclips A Switch Launch Title, Demo, European Joy-Con Bundle

Nintendo confirmed today that Snipperclips is a launch title in North America, Europe and Japan.

They announced a demo that will be available at launch on the eShop as well.

It will cost $19.99 in the US, €19.99 in Europe and £17.99 in the UK.

There is also a bundle in Europe with Neon Joy-Cons, that will come with a download code. There was some confusion about whether that will be available at launch or on March 10th but it’s been cleared up. The bundle will be available on the 10th.

Caveat Emptor: Bethesda is planning for The Elder Scrolls to fail on the Nintendo Switch

As a Nintendo gamer, you are a discerning customer. This has often led third parties to erroneously conclude that you don’t want their best efforts on Nintendo systems, when you simply won’t buy their worst efforts, on any system.