Video: Miyamoto and Aonuma on Zelda’s Storytelling, Breath of the Wild’s “Trick” (Game Informer)

Game Informer have uploaded their latest interview with Shigeru Miyamoto and Eiji Aonuma to Youtube, here it is. In it they talk about storytelling in┬áThe Legend of Zelda, and tease the “trick” Aonuma has been talking about recently. There aren’t any spoilers about that trick though, he just says that he’s had this idea for a long time and to play the game to discover what it is.

It’s still a good interview though.

Video: Game Informer Asks Miyamoto and Aonuma 51 Questions About Zelda

UPDATE: Youtube version has been uploaded

Game Informer’s March issue cover story is Breath of the Wild (a fact that made some Red Dead Redemption fans quite salty it seems lol), but they’re also doing a month of features on their website. One of them was posted yesterday (and due to my laziness is only being posted here today). They asked Shigeru Miyamoto and series general producer Eiji Aonuma 51 rapid-fire questions about the game.

The video is only on their website for now, so you’ll have to watch it there. There’s nothing that spoils anything from the game (the story in the magazine on the other hand…) It’s a really fun video so go give it a watch if you haven’t.


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