Terms of Service and Rules

  1. Do not engage in "console wars" of any kind.
  2. Avoid making threads complaining about other forums, we all know NeoGAF is awful.
  3. Don't post things that would get someone fired if they're browsing at work, this is a gaming forum.
  4. Personal attacks against other members will result in an immediate ban, you get one chance after that. Second offenders will be perm banned.
  5. Posting personal information about other members will not be tolerated.
  6. Links to roms/iso/piracy sites will result in an immediate and permanent ban.
  7. Due to recent events and related troll accounts, political talk is now strongly discouraged.
  8. No racism/sexism/bigotry. This includes gamergate and /r/the_donald and 4Chan type stuff.
  9. Multiple accounts are not allowed, if you are permanently banned. That's it.
  10. You must be at least 18 to sign up and post here.
You own and are responsible for what's posted on your account.
You are free to enjoy whatever consoles and games you want, but not to tell everyone how much "better" Nintendo games would be on those systems.
Do not use this site as a place to endlessly complain about how NoA is screwing up.
The staff reserves the right to remove any posts or users that are in clear violation of the terms of this site. It's in the job description.
The staff will not use their position to "win arguments" by wrongfully banning users, or removing their posts.