I think Switch is going to have a very long active life

Discussion in 'Nintendo' started by JoshuaJSlone, Apr 6, 2017.

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    Consider the situation currently. Even though Switch is clearly the portable future, since it's still too big and expensive 3DS looks to be filling in on the low end for a few years. It seems logical enough to assume the same will happen next time around, right? So say "Switch 2" comes out in 2022, but since it's too big and pricey, "Switch Lite" or whatever is still meant as the low end solution through at least 2024.

    However, what about even after that? If we look at the current and upcoming library of Switch games, there are many that don't have high system requirements. This goes for a lot of indie games, especially the ones like Shovel Knight that are intentionally going for an old-school style. Say it's 2026 and you have the next Shovel Knight or Seiken Densetsu Collection or even Puyo Puyo Tetris, might it still make sense to release it for plain old Switch?

    Assuming Switch is a success and its successor is much along the same lines, it's going to be again a single 16:9 screen, and at a resolution that will scale well from 720p or 1080p, so there's not even going to be the same problems with old Game Boy games being obviously out of place on Game Boy Advance, or GBA on DS, or DS on 3DS. I don't think we'll have seen such a friendly backwards compatible situation in a long time. PSP to Vita might have been it, except that thanks to PSP using UMD discs, backwards compatibility with physical games was impossible.
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    Nah, it'll be dead in a year.
    Just like the D-no...just like the 3D-...wait.

    But seriously, yeah it should have a pretty long life.

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