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Discussion in 'Nintendo' started by snesfreak, Jun 13, 2017.

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    the Youtube link for the day 1 stream, you can also watch on Twitch in Nintendo’s channel or on our channel (I’ll be hosting Nintendo’s channel) if you don’t want to deal with Twitch chat idiocy.

    The Spotlight itself will be 25 minutes long, followed by Treehouse Live (confirmed by Reggie to have surprises), then the Splatoon 2 tournament at 5:30 PM ET.

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    Disappointments: Still no word on VC, Pokémon Stars isn't happening so we've got to wait until maybe even 2019 to get some Switch Pokémon on. Multiplatform third party games still haven't got their act together and announcements for Switch are still more uncommon than not.

    Pros: Super Mario Odyssey looking significantly more interesting since they finally showed off its gameplay hook. Previously I thought it just seemed like SM64/SMS but in incongruous settings so I wasn't very excited. It legit seems like Xenoblade 2 has a good chance to make 2017, and maybe even catch one of the late year prime release spots, since Mario is actually an October release. Multiplayer Kirby and Yoshi platformers look to fill a need without just throwing another New Super Mario Bros. at it. Though 3DS is still getting interesting games I wish were released on Switch as well, this E3 should prove to the naysayers that it is definitely being put in the back seat and there is no separate DS successor coming.
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    my poor wallet. also sorry i forgot to log in a while.
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    I know, right?
    I haven't even bought all the games I want that are out now, lol.

    Been spending too much money on other things recently, and I need to save for a new video card as well.
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