"Project Octopath Traveler" Demo

Discussion in 'Nintendo' started by snesfreak, Sep 14, 2017.

  1. snesfreak

    snesfreak Bad at video games Staff Member

    Holy crap, this looks awesome.
    I played a bit of the demo that was put up earlier and I really enjoyed it.

    Good to know at least some of the teams at S-E still seem to know how to make a good game.
  2. JoshuaJSlone

    JoshuaJSlone Member

    Seems like a solid enough start for an RPG, though I'm pretty curious about some things like whether there are actually 8 entirely separate game paths to take, or there's a main path they'll all follow but with variations depending on who your lead is.

    I think in person the game is visually less impressive than it seemed from the several seconds of a scene at a time we got from videos. The 3D take on 16-bit graphics is really not so different from what PS1 games like FF Tactics, Xenogears, or DQ VII were doing, except they weren't intentionally limiting sprites and textures to the standards of 16-bit sprites. More modern features like depth of field and enhanced lighting effects sometimes look nice and at other times seem to filter decent sprite art into ugly results.

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