Someone remind third parties Switch is more powerful than Wii U?

Discussion in 'Nintendo' started by JoshuaJSlone, Apr 30, 2017.

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    In these first few months, there are a few significant Switch games that also had Wii U versions, and it's interesting to note how they compare. For simplicity and the shared resolution factor, I'll stick with looking at undocked mode.

    *Breath of the Wild: Looks the same on both systems, but the Switch version has a better frame rate.
    *Mario Kart 8: Looks the same on both systems, with some tiny framerate hitches improved.
    *LEGO City Undercover: Stills look mostly the same on both systems, but the Switch undocked framerate kind of sucks.
    *Minecraft: Same game look at same resolution on both versions, but Switch undocked has noticeably shorter draw distance--and the Wii U version already shared draw distance limitations with the PS3/X360 versions.

    What is up with this inconsistency? And to be honest, I'm surprised the situation is not the reverse. Nintendo console developers have been working on IBM/ATI hardware since before the turn of the century, so I could've seen a bit of growing pain as they were forced to make a transition. But instead it's the third party developers who've already been working with NVIDIA hardware whose results suck?

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