Super NES Classic Edition Announced - September 21st Release - 21 Games - $79.99

Discussion in 'Nintendo' started by snesfreak, Jun 26, 2017.

  1. snesfreak

    snesfreak Bad at video games Staff Member

    The biggest surprise here is that it comes with Star Fox 2, which was never released.

    And yes it's also coming to Europe

  2. JoshuaJSlone

    JoshuaJSlone Member

    I love the SNES. I love a lot of the games that includes. But GAH in a world without Switch Virtual Console this is aggravating.

    The NES Classic seemed like a short-term thing that shot off unexpectedly. When they ceased production before demand was sated, I figured it was because they were making a replacement product that would be good longer-term. With NES Classic there was nothing to further sell to a consumer except potentially a second controller. I figured a cheap VC machine with the ability to buy and download new games would be coming, perhaps with a shared library with Switch VC (at least for older machines).

    But this... goes in the opposite direction! Now they don't even have the second controller as a later upsell, because it's included right from the start.

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