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    One rule for this thread:

    Unmarked story spoilers = Perm ban.
    Don't even try it.

    Now, with that out of the way...
    Breath of the Wild is the latest game in the Legend of Zelda series, it breaks the typical conventions of the series
    and provides a breathtaking experience in a gigantic world. It's the first game in the series to feature voice acting
    for cutscenes.

    If the handholding and long intros in previous games were a turn-off for you, this game will be music to your
    ears. The Zelda team has gone back to the first Zelda game for inspiration, and created a game that lets you
    just go out exploring and find you own path. That path can lead just about anywhere, as in this game you can
    climb just about anything.

    In this game you have to be prepared to fight enemies, they can easily one-shot you if you rush into fights.
    Unlike previous games, you won't find hearts in the grass or by killing enemies. You have to be smart about
    how you approach enemy camps. You can find ingredients and cook food and potions to help you survive.
    Not only against enemies, but the world as well. As this time if you go into a cold area without proper clothing
    you'll eventually freeze, unless you cook up something to keep you warm, start a fire, or carry a torch.

    There are way too many things about this game to go into detail about all of them.

    Breath of the Wild releases March 3rd on Wii U and Nintendo Switch.
    Nintendo has also announced a DLC Expansion Pass, which consists of two DLC packs.

    The first pack, will have a Cave of Trials, a new feature for the in-game map, and a "New Hard Mode."
    We don't know details about that yet, so saying they're putting a difficulty setting behind a paywall is premature.
    It could be something like Ocarina's Master Quest or Zelda 1's second quest. Which for a game this big would
    take some time to work on. This one is scheduled for release this summer.

    The second pack is a bit more extensive, according to Nintendo it will have "new challenges that will let players
    enjoy a new dungeon and a new original story." I'm personally hoping it will let you play as Zelda. It's scheduled
    for release late this year.

    The Expansion Pass is $19.99, is available for both versions of the game, and if you buy it now you will get a
    couple bonus items day one (no, it is NOT day one DLC, these are just little bonuses they're not actual DLC packs.)
    Three new chests will appear on the Great Plateau, one containing a Switch shirt for Link and the other two
    containing "useful items."

    Like I said, we don't have a lot of details on the actual content for this DLC yet, I'd imagine it'll be part of a
    Direct at some point. I doubt they'd bring the game to E3 again just for DLC though.

    If you want to buy the game or the Expansion Pass you can use the links below.
    Amazon US
    Game: Wii U (Digital), Switch (Digital)
    Expansion Pass: Wii U, Switch.

    Other Amazon (Switch): (UK, DE, FR, CA)
    Best Buy
    We're giving a copy of Breath of the Wild and a code for the DLC to a lucky member. But in addition we'll also
    giveaway a second code for the DLC to another winner. All the details for this are in the giveaway thread here.
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    Have you seen the ESRB description for the game? It's great :lol.
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    The price of the Deluxe Edition guide has been reduced by 40% on Amazon, if anyone was holding off on ordering it. The price is now $47.99.
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    384 pages is a lot of Zelda. I bet there is some really amazing artwork in there

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